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Is Nick Diaz coming back?

by Pete M.D.

The 37-year-old last fought back in 2015 when he fought Anderson ”the spider” Silva at UFC 183, and many have speculated if he could return to the promotion for a couple more fights.

The older Diaz has kept a relatively low profile in the mixed martial arts community since his suspension, but he made an appearance for his brother’s lastest. He accompanied Nate during the ceremonial weigh-ins and walked him to the cage on fight night.

Masvidal and Nate Diaz pushed for a rematch with their postfight remarks in the Octagon. But Dana White said he wasn’t interested in an immediate rematch and that Masvidal would have options after a great 2019 year, which saw him win three big fights. One option for Masvidal would seem to be a title shot against the winner of the December 14th fight between welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. Colby Covington and Conor Mcgregor also would be a possible fight for Masvidal, who is looking for a big payday after reaching superstardom. Coincidentally, the UFC actually tried to book Masvidal vs. Nick Diaz earlier this year but talks with Diaz never materialized.

In addition to not liking how the fight panned out for his brother, Diaz took umbrage with Masvidal saying he wanted to “baptize” Nate, which is a term Masvidal uses for knocking people out.

Helwani tweeted: “This is Nick Diaz earlier today. He weighs in the 175-165 pound range, per his manager Kevin Mubenga.

“He just completed a 14-week diet and training regimen. This is the first time he cuts weight in approximately four years, Mubenga said.

“Diaz wanted to do a test cut because… he is keeping a close eye on the big welterweight fights coming up.

“He is “100%” planning on fighting again, per Mubenga, and is targeting an early 2021 return.”

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